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Buying a Utah County Home?

Buying a home is an exciting and complex adventure. It can also be a very time consuming if you're not familiar with all aspects of the process and don't have all the best information and resources at hand. One of my specialties is representing the best interests of the Utah County Homes 4 Sale area Home Buyers through the home buying process.


Our comprehensive, high-quality services can save you time and money, as well as make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful. If you're like most people, buying a home is the biggest investment you will ever. So whether you're buying a starter home, your dream home or an investment property, why not take advantage of our experience as local market experts for Utah County Homes 4 Sale, to make the most informed decisions you can, every step of the way?


Whether you are interested in moving to Utah County Homes 4 Sale for business, family or personal reasons, you are more likely to have many of the same questions, in mind. I want to help make the transition to Utah County Homes 4 Sale as smooth as possible. to help you out, I have answered a lot of questions for you here. However, I am sure you will have many more; you can always reach me by calling (801) 885-2586, by email or by fill out this contact form.

Home Buyer Agent

As a Home Buyer Agent, I have had a lot of training and experience representing "Home Buyers", unlike a traditional agent who represents buyers and sellers, sometimes both at the same time. As a Home Buyer agent, I am committed to helping the Utah County Homes 4 Sale home buyers find and buy the best home at the best home at the best price on the best terms with the least amount of stress. I have the experience, negotiating skill and in-depth long-term knowledge of the Utah County Homes 4 Sale home market, to make good on my good intentions.

My Central Home Buyer Commitment...

I place my clients interests above those of all others, including my own! I don't sell houses; I enable clients to make and carry out well-informed buying decisions. They are confident that the home they ought is what they wanted, their best house at the best price. My clients know that my training and experience enabled me to serve them effectively.

Benefits of using a Utah County Homes 4 Sale Home Buyer agent?

When you call for more information about a listing you have seen, you will typically be referred to the seller's agent or someone else who represents the same real estate company. They can answer your questions but can't give you advice or opinions on the property and they can't e on your side during negotiations to get the best price on the property. The reality is they man try but then they are going to have conflicting interests They have a contract with the sellers of the property you are interested in and must act in their best interest at all times.

How does a Utah County Homes 4 Sale Home Buyer agent get paid?

When a seller contracts with an agent, they agree to pay a commission to the agent for selling the house. The typical percentage is 6% (3% for the Seller agent and 3% for the Buyer agent) of the selling price. If they sell the house without another agent involved, they get all 6%. However, if a buyer's agent is involved, they split the commission. At closing, the listing agent is paid 3% and then pays the buyer's agent the predetermined percentage of the commission.


When deciding if you want to utilize a buyer's agent, keep in mind that you pay nothing, regardless if you utilize one or not. However, it is very likely that you will pay more for the house and closing costs if you rely on the seller's agent for information and advice.

Utah County Homes 4 Sale

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